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Yabba is a closed-source hub software written in Delphi.

From the site:

Y.A.B.B.A. Hub software offers:
  • Min share checking
  • Min slots checking (Not implemented yet)
  • Max hubs checking (Not implemented yet)
  • Possibility for "delayed entry"
  • Possibility to disallow some connection speeds (Not implemented yet)
  • Blocking of NMDC/DC++/GloSearch/MoS++/MLDonkey/DCGui
  • Temp/Permanent banning based on IP (with wildcards) and/or Nick
  • Administrator/Operator/VIP-user privileges (VIPs are password protected normal users)
  • Administrators/Operators/VIPs can be defined so that they will not be checked when checking for share/slots
  • Automatic identification of DC++ -clients hiding their <++V:?.???,M:?,H:?,S:?> tag
  • Registers on multiple lists (currently on NM public list, dreamland, and our own list) - at least attempts to do so (I know some lists just don't let you in - blame them, I have nothing to do with it) (Not implemented fully)
  • Small memory print (at least when compared to NMDC-HUB)
So far, the MultiHubSearching is not (and most likely will not be) implemented

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