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tkhub is an open source DC hub written in Tcl/Tk. It has many features coded into it and can be extended by writing simple text commands or more advanced, TCL code.

Supported Platforms

tkhub runs on all platforms on which TCL is supported (just to name a few, Windows, Linux, Solaris, *BSD, Mac, etc). A list of all platforms that it runs on can be found here:


  • Detailed logging (for easy troubleshooting and catching "bad" users)
  • Plugin support (current plugins include: nospam, trivia, logger, helper, news, stats)
  • Multiple languages for messages that go to users on the hub (so if an user is French for example and there is a French language file on the hub, then the user can set his language to French and receive all messages from the hub in French)
  • Room support
  • Message board for every room
  • Mail on the hub for registered users
  • Possibility to have all users OPs ( :) and it works, see the link below for such a hub)
  • Spam, flood protection. Users doing spam will receive spam points, and everyone can kick them once they get to a maximum number of points (they'll get a tempban too)
  • Hublist built into the hub (users can add their hubs there and nobody gets bothered by the advertising)
  • Pictures on the hub
  • Review buffer for each room
  • Checking on share, slots, hubs
  • Hub registering to multiple lists
  • Logger on the hub (so you can receive log messages just being connected to the hub)
  • Translation built into the hub via the translate command
  • Very easy setup of commands to different levels of users
  • And much more ... and it's just version 0.4 (in the works)

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