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Search Bots are clients for DC hubs that solely exist for the purpose of searching.

Searchbot software:

Usually disliked by hubowners, these tools will let you search through any hubs you can find on the hublists, without logging in on them one after one with your regular client.

moglo, GLO-Search, MOS++ share the same nickname used when searching the hubs, in order to give hubowners a choice as to whether their hubs should be searched. The hub simply registers the nickname used, and the searchbot cannot log in. Another method that works with these three clients is to add an ASCII code 160 character as the last character in the hub's description, which will make the client remove this hub from its list, so that the hub won't even be connected to.

The following nicknames are used by various searchbots:

As can be seen, the only difference here is in the casing, which results in the hub treating them the same, although the specific client may be detected if desired.