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SababaDC is a DC++ mod (based on RevConnect) with additional features. It offers some extra functionality, including:

  • Very simple interface
  • IE browser support
  • Multi source support (segmented downloads)
  • Hide hub (all tabs) window with ctrl+4 (sidebar)
  • 5 favorites hub list instead one.
  • close hub after 60 seconds if disconnected.
  • close hub after 60 seconds if under threshold users.
  • limit search result - default 2500 - you can change it in "other" .
  • in public hub windows - if list get 404 error auto move to next list. no need to choose handily.
  • you can change search interval (min 60 sec ) and search loop (min 30 minutes).
  • more system tray information
  • Drop slower downloads you decide
  • Insert your IP automatically at startup
  • Automatic backup of queue.xml, favorites.xml and sababadc.xml every 30 minutes
  • Shortcut keys for all commands
  • One search window from menu or more (default one)
  • New commands
    • Close all hubs
    • Close all personal messages
    • Connect to all favorite hubs
    • Close all hubs under * users (you can change hub threshold)
    • Close all search windows
    • close all filelist
    • Add all open hubs to favorites
  • Magnet links go to queue window or search window
  • HTTP links from chat window will open in integrated browser
  • /g ***** - search in google
  • /a9 ***** - search in a9 (amazon)
  • /imdb ****** - search in
  • /e ****** - search in
  • Select 35 hubs at once from public hubs window
  • Kademlia support – download from SababaDC, RevConnect clients without needing to be in same hub
  • See in the status bar the total number of users and total share in all hubs you are connected to
  • All hub commands with middle click on mouse in window hubs (sidebar)
  • Clock in status bar
  • A count all users in your network in the status bar
  • less cpu and ram
  • preview player
  • you can change chat history numbers lines
  • check open ports
  • more details in statistics window
  • search windows - more useful features
  • Hebrew and English setup

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