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Revconnect is a file sharing program. It uses DC++ as codebase and adds below features:

  • Kademlia to be hub independent and make search more effective
  • Secure user identification to anti leechers
  • Multiple sources download simultaneously
  • Memory mapped files to enhance file I/O and save HD's life


  • Install/Start: Extract all files to a folder and run DCPlusPlus.exe
  • Upgrade: Extract and overwrite all files
  • DC++ can't resume RevConnect's unfinished downloads.
  • Temporary and download directory should be set within the same drive.
  • Don't share cd/dvd-r/rw/rom/ram or network drive or floppy or temporary directory, it may cause 100% cpu usage.
  • Memory mapped files may not work well under Windows 95/98/Me
  • .BIN file maybe unusable for corrupt.
  • Feature rollback is disabled
  • Feature antifrag is disabled
  • Passive user can't use Kademlia.
  • Most 100% CPU usage bugs fixed as of latest build.
  • File corruption is no longer an issue either (in 99% of the cases).