Registering hubs

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To register a hub, connect to any hublist server. They are traditionally run on port 2501.

The server sends a $Lock command, which works the same way it does in client-client and client-hub communication. The difference is how the initial key is calculated. For hublist connections, its calculated from the local/source port choosen by the OS (or by you). The only hublist server that cares about the key is vandel405.

After the hub has sent its $Key, it sends info on itself:

Hublist: $Lock ... Pk=...|
Hub: $Key ...|Hubname|Ip-address(:port)|Description|Users|Shared bytes|

The port defaults to 411 if not given. Hubs should register themselves no more often than once every 15 minutes, risking a ban otherwise.

See also: LockToKey