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Public Hublists

This list is being compiled by using several resources.

Note: If you delete the default lists without adding any replacements, they'll reappear. (If any setting is blank, DC++ uses the defaults.)

[DC++ 0.666 and older versions] File -> Settings -> Downloads. Paste one of these hublist addresses in the text box labeled Public Hubs list URL. Click OK and return to the Public Hubs window. Click Refresh to download the new list of hubs.

[DC++ 0.667 - 0.699] File -> Settings -> Downloads -> Public Hubs list URL. Click Configure Public Hub Lists. Add one or more of the following hublists.

note: hublists which have xml toward the end of the address are only supported in DC++ 0.4033 or greater.

Hublist Resource Websites

ADC Hublists

For DC++ .686 or greater only.

Public XML Hub lists For DC++ clients newer than 0.4033

Public Hub lists

Country/Topic Specific Hub lists

Adding various active hublists in a swift (copypaste) to your DC++ client (based on 0.698)

Note that the line in Step 6 might become outdated.

Make sure to also check Problem with the Public Hublist (List of Hubs).

  • Open the folder where the dc++ executable resides
  • Open DCPlusPlus.xml in a text editor
  • Find "<HublistServers>" (it's between "</FavoritesFrameWidths>" and before <QueueFrameOrder>)
  • Select the whole line
  • Delete the selected line (Press either the backspace or the Delete button on your keyboard)
  • Insert the following into its place:
<HublistServers type="string">;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;</HublistServers>
  • (Ignore this step if you don't run DC++) Close the DC++ client
  • Save the DCPlusPlus.xml file (make sure its been saved with the original filename and not been appended with .txt)
  • (Re-)start your DC++ client

Inactive Hublists

These lists once worked at one point, but don't for now.

Lists which the waybackmachine stored in its backup don't work in the dc++ client, but you can download them and store locally if interested.

Inactive Hublist Resource Websites

Inactive ADC Hublists

Inactive Public XML Hub lists For DC++ clients newer than 0.4033

Inactive Public Hub lists

Inactive Country/Topic Specific Hub lists

External Links