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Type Hub
Developer Vylen
Latest release CVS Only / December 04, 2005
Programming language PHP
OS Linux
License GPL
Website [1]

PHPDCHub is an Open Source hub written in PHP by Vylen which runs as CLI under Linux. The hub is still experimental and can technically be used on other UNIX-based operating systems. Scripting can currently be done in PHP or Perl - other scripting languages that can be run from CLI can be supported as long as function wrappers are created for them. At the time of writing, there is also limited support of scripts written for Open DC Hub which is to expand further for full-support.

Scripting can also exceed that of conventional scripting as since the hub itself is written in a scripting language, these so-called 'external scripts' can also be essentially used as plugins or addons to the hub due to the implementation of a RPC protocol.

It requires SQL such as MySQL. Other databases can be used such as PostgreSQL as long as the function wrappers are created for it.

This hubsoft is also single-threaded, due to the nature of PHP itself. The only way to circumvent the issue of multi-threading is to simultaneously run different PHP Scripts at the same time. Although this is possible and would possibly reduce internal processing 'lag;' it would require a total rewrite of the software and the process to make the system run flawlessly and sustainable would prove to be too difficult.

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