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[edit] Standard Client-Hub protocol

Command Origin Description
<> both Send a chat message to all users.
$BadPass hub The supplied password was invalid.
$Close client Request the hub to disconnect a user.
$ConnectToMe both Request someone to connect to you.
$ForceMove hub Ask the client to redirect a user to a different hub.
$GetINFO client Request someone's $MyINFO.
$GetNickList client Request the $NickList and $OpList.
$GetPass hub The specified nickname is registered, ask for the password.
$Hello both Used to announce to everyone (including you) that you are logged on.
$HubIsFull hub States that the hub is full and the client cannot join it.
$HubName hub Specifies a name/description for the hub.
$Key client The response to the $Lock command; see: LockToKey.
$Kick client Request that the hub kick target user.
$Lock hub The first part of the Client-Hub Handshake.
$LogedIn hub Indicates that current user is an operator.
$MyINFO both Contains details about users (share size / connection type / description / email).
$MyPass client Send the password for the current account.
$MultiConnectToMe client Request someone from a linked hub to connect to you.
$MultiSearch both Search the hub and linked hubs for files.
$NickList hub A list of all users who are online.
$OpForceMove client Request the hub to send a redirect to a user.
$OpList hub A list of all online Operators.
$Quit hub Announce that a user has left the hub.
$RevConnectToMe both Request someone to send you a $ConnectToMe (used for passive users).
$Search both Initiate a search.
$SR both Search result matching previous search.
$To both A private message from one user to another.
$ValidateDenide hub The hub rejects the client's requested nickname.
$ValidateNick client The client requests a particular nickname.
$Version client Version number of the protocol in use

[edit] Extensions

[edit] DC++ extensions

[edit] BCDC++ extensions

  • TTH Hash (detailed, also client-to-client)

[edit] Proposals