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NAAF DC Hub is an OpenDC based hub software created by crazy for unix/linux only.

Main features

  • Core from ODCH 0.7.12
  • Built in bot with checking DC++ tag.
  • User, VIP, Op and admin chat commands.
  • 3 additional user profiles: VIP, powervip (op without key), supervisor (op-admin without key).

The command prefix is changeable by editing the source code.

In the future, antispam will be added (detects and kicks for typing in and similar on main chat and private messages).

  • System resources needed: as ODCH (should use little less RAM per user than the original hub).
  • RedHat not supported yet (crashes 2 to 15 mins after start).
  • Spam Blocking will be configurable.
  • Tested to run on Debian Woody 3.0.
  • Anti-MLDonkey into tag checking.
  • Other automatic bot blocking (eg.: DCDB [a search service once offered by Eighth Wonder])
  • Typing "!bannick *test*" will permban all users with "test" in nickname (wildcards might be case sensitive).

Trivia: Naaf in Dutch means the same as nabe (in German) and hub (in English), but thats just coincidence. The real meaning of NAAF is "new anty ayeka force" and this has connection to hub history of its origin.

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