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Type DC client
Developer Legolas
Latest release 1.00[v2a] / January 26,2006
Programming language C++
OS Microsoft Windows
License GPL
Website http://ldcpp.berlios.de/
The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is LDC++.

LDC++ is a Windows DC client that combines segmented downloading (based on StrongDC++), chat colors and styles customizable, some operator controls and other features.

LDC++ contains:

  • BadExes control
  • Download skip files
  • Share skip files
  • Search skip files
  • Clear chat button in PM
  • Prefix patch
  • Customizable color, text, fonts, active text, borders, inactive text, borders and so on for the tabs
  • Multiple selection of styles
  • Shutdown options at the end of the file
  • Shutdown button to force the PC shutdown
  • Password for favorite hubs encoded saving (CZDC++)
  • Checkbox in PM to enable disable sound
  • NTP Sync
  • Shutdown timeout anyway
  • Shutdown timeout anyway selection: Minute, Second
  • Suspend monitor
  • .....and so on.....

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