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Type Hub
Developer Jomu
Latest release 0.99.2 /
Programming language Modula-3
OS Linux
License GPL?

Hubetta is an open source hub written in Modula-3 by Dragisha (Jomu). Primary reason for writing it was to stress test threading runtime for Modula-3 based on NPTL and it's doing it for two years. It uses XL as scripting language and SQLite as backend database to store information.

The hub can utilize user-levels, so there are categories of users, for example:

  • category 1: 1 - 6 GB
  • category 2: 6 - 15 GB
  • category 3: 15+ GB

Everybody can join the hub, but only people from same category can download from each other until somebody from higher level allows them to his share either implicitly (by getting something from them) or explicitly (typing +allow nick) so there is no need for different servers with different limits. All people are on same channel, in same search space.

Extensions supported:

Hub software detection:

$Lock EXTENDEDPROTOCOL0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 pk=0123456789abcdef

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