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A Hub is a piece of software which allows DC clients to connect to each other. It is the server portion of the standard Client-server system.


A hub does not share files itself. It only routes chat messages, search requests and results for clients. It also plays a part in the initiation of a connection between two clients. After this, the hub plays no part in the file transfer, which happens directly between the clients.

A typical hub may contain several thousand users, though this number will vary depending on the available network bandwidth and the particular hub software used. Hub software exists for many platforms and written in many languages.

Publicly available hubs can usually be found on various hublists.


Users connecting to hubs are primarily divided into two categories: users and operators (OPs). Operators have a degree of administrative control over the hub via operator-only protocol commands and special commands provided by the hub software.

Other levels of user (such as VIP) may also exist but these are specific to individual hub software and vary from one to another.

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