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Type Client
Developer daniele_athome
Latest release 0.2.1-debug2 / September 17 2006
Programming language C
OS Linux (future: Windows with GTK+)
License GPL

GtkDC is a graphical GTK+ based DC client that uses DCLibC for implementing the Direct Connect protocol. This library is also developed by GtkDC's developers.

It is currently in beta state. Some tarballs are available at the official site and the CVS repository is located on Gna!

GtkDC is free software - it is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Some already implemented features of GtkDC:

  • Nearly full support of the original Direct Connect protocol.
  • Full chat (both main and private) support.
  • Full search subsystem tested and working
  • Sorted nick list
  • File hashing

Note that this project is not a fork of the original GtkDC project; that project is no longer under development (I think).