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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is DC:PRO.

Type DC client
Developer Richard Philip Nguyen (MeMyselfAndI)
Latest release DC:PRO / February 23, 2005
Programming language Delphi 2005
OS Windows
License closed source
Website http://dc-client.com/

DC:Pro is a Direct Connect client written in Delphi 2005. A new version will be released, but dont expect it to be any time soon as there are lots of things to do.

The following will be done:

  • porting the latest code to Delphi 2006
  • rewriting core functionalities
  • fixing bugs
  • full unicode support in the gui
  • release a more stable version
  • released with the source code

Main features are:

  • Segmented Downloading: Download simultanously the same file from many users;
  • Clean and neat user-friendly interface;
  • Multi-hub connections;
  • Text chat with colors and images (like in mIRC, well not really, mIRC doesnt support images);
  • Fast threaded transfers;
  • Total user control of the files in queue;
  • Open windows in background (like in Opera Browser);
  • Automatic Detection and Blocking of Share Fakers;
  • Direct File send
  • Ignore User
  • Secure chat
  • TTH Support
  • Pascalscript
  • and many more.

Version/License History

DC:PRO 10, 2004License: GPL
DC:PRO - 23, 2005License: Closed Source
DC:PRO -, 2006License: Likely GPL

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