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DB Hub is direct connect hub software for Linux users based on Open DC Hub 0.7.15 but with many enhancements.

DB Hub features:

  • Using plain text instead of database (doesn't require MySQL, just compiler, Perl is optional).
  • Standard settings like maxhubs, minslots, allowed clients etc.
  • 2 powerful antiflooders and antispammer.
  • Gagging (muting) support.
  • Possibility of disabling chatting/searching/downloading.
  • Possibility of limiting chatting/searching/downloading for unregistered users.
  • Human-readable banlists with ban reasons.
  • Possibility of hiding TAG descriptions and e-mails from unregistered users.
  • Support for hublist's $BotINFO.
  • Possibility of warning, kicking and banning users.
  • Database of users who left the hub for!seen and !ipinfo commands.
  • Logging main chat (useful with pisg).
  • Banwords.
  • Slotbeg kicker.
  • Showing last main chat messages on connect and on command.
  • Possibility of leaving messages to offline users.
  • Grabbing URLs from main chat and showing them on command.
  • Great adding-releases system (with find option).
  • Away and Auto-Away feature.
  • Counting hub records.
  • Stable or random welcome messages for registered users.
  • 10 redirect hosts.
  • Possibility of linking chats between two or more DB Hubs.
  • Stuffrelease list on login with much Release-Types as you like

There is also DarkBot Perl script included, which you can use with DB Hub or original Open DC Hub.

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