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This is a list of known, current, DC clients.

  • DC++. A well known DC client written in C++.

The following are DC++ derivatives:

  • dclib. A cross platform library for DC clients.
  • Valknut. A multiplatform (Linux, Win32, OSX, ...) client based on dclib.
  • ShakesPeer. For OSX; DC++ compatible
  • PhpDC. A webbased GUI for DCTC.
  • DCSharp. DC# is an enhanced DC client written in C#.
  • MLDonkey. A multinetwork webbased p2p tool with alpha support for DC.
  • DCPRO. A Windows DC client written in Delphi with multiple source downloading. (No stable version available though.)
  • microdc2. Continuation of microdc by another author.
  • MobileDC. A chat-only client for Symbian OS.
  • GtkDC. A GTK+ based Direct Connect client.
  • Dolda Connect. A Direct Connect client with separated daemon and GUI.
  • pidge is a client that permits people to chat on a direct connect hub via an IRC client.

Note: Clients that have not been updated for a while have been moved to the Unmaintained Clients page.

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