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<<nick>> <message>|


  • This command is used by a client to send a public chat message to all hub users.
  • <nick> is the nick of the sender. The hub may disconnect you when you use a different nick, the hub must not pass the message on with the wrong nick.
  • The server echos this command to all users, including the originator.
  • The NMDC client echoed chat lines locally, instead of relying on the hub echo. When DC++ came along, it only used the hub echo. Many users took this behavior to mean that DC++ was slow, instead of that NMDC was cheating.
  • <message> may contain any character except the pipe (|), NMDC and DC++ refuse to send $ as well, but no client chokes on that.
  • General consensus seems to be that the hub should not treat the first space in any special way, ie. the space is actually part of the message, meaning the client can send a chat looking like: "<nick>message" instead of the normal "<nick> message". This provides a nice way to flag chat by using something else than space as the delimiter. "Hard space" or 0xA0 has been suggested to flag for a UTF-8 chat message.
  • DC++ replaces all occurrences of "|" in <message> with "&#124;" and all occurrences of "$" with "&#36;". When displaying <message> the inverse replacement should be done.