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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is BCDC++.
BCDC++ 0.686b with System log and Settings
Type DC client
Developer black claw
Latest release 0.686b / February 27, 2006
Programming language C++
OS Windows
License GPL
Website http://utrum.dyndns.org:8000/

BCDC++ is a modification of DC++ that adds a few capabilities to the unofficial client, such as the following:

  • first file hashing support (pre-DC++ 0.307)
  • first $UserIP support
  • upload download limiting (linked, to prevent abuse)
  • client side Lua scripting
  • upload queue

It is updated along with DC++.

Check NMDC_Client-Hub_Protocol and Client-Client_Protocol for BCDC++ extensions.

The official website is again online and development continues. You can visit the official mirror at http://bcdcplusplus.brainchasm.com, and download current versions of BCDC++ at that location. And there is the beta page, usually hosting more updated versions, but also more of a mess ;) at http://wza.digitalbrains.com/DC/BCDCpp/releases/ .