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ADC is a protocol aimed at supplanting the current Direct Connect protocol, which was pioneered by Neo-Modus. One of the primary aims is reduced complexity of both client and hub software. One example of simplification is that the first character in four character code (fourcc) layout indicates whether the command is directed to a single user or broadcast to all connected clients. It is expected that version 0.11 of the draft would be the final revision (minor edits excluded).

Some of its benefits are:

  • Challenge-response authentication
  • Easy to extend with new protocol commands, with no hub changes necessary
  • Inherent support for Unicode

The draft, currently at 0.12, is here:

Work still in progress (as of 0.11):

  • Standard Extensions
  • ADCS - Secure ADC

Points still needing clarification in the 0.11 draft:

  • ADC Hublist format