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An op may send a $OpForceMove to cause a client to move to a different server.

$OpForceMove $Who:<victimNick>$Where:<newAddr>$Msg:<reasonMsg>|

<victimNick> is the nick that will be asked to move. <newAddr> is the IP address or hostname (and optional colon-separated port) of another hub that the user should move to. <reasonMsg> is the reason provided to <~victimNick>. On receiving this, the server must send a $ForceMove to <victimNick>,

$ForceMove <newAddr>|
$To:<victimNick> From: <senderNick> $<<senderNick>> You are being re-directed to <newHub> because: <reasonMsg>

<senderNick> is the nick that sent the $OpForceMove. In addition to displaying the message, <victimNick> must disconnect from the server and connect to <newIp>. The server should not disconnect the client. I'm not sure if the client should send $Quit or if it should simply close the socket.

Comment: After receiving $OpForceMove -command, the hub SHOULD NOT relay any further commands to/from the client of <victimNick> after sending the <reasonMsg> to the client. Also, the hub MAY disconnect a client that sends $OpForceMove and is does not have operator status (because this has been confirmed to have happened by some people harvesting people to their own hubs).