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$ForceMove <newAddr>

Accompanied by a PM for Op initiated redirects:

$To: <victimNick> From: <senderNick> $<<senderNick>> You are being redirected to <newAddr>: <reasonMsg>

Accompanied by a [[ <> command|Chat]] message for Hub initiated redirects:

<<hubbotName>> <reasonMsg>


The Hub sends $ForceMove to a client to cause the client to move to a different server.

  • <senderNick> is the nick that sent the $OpForceMove.
  • <hubbotName> is a name specifc to the Hub software.
  • <victimNick> is the nick that will be asked to move.
  • <newAddr> is the IP address or hostname (and optional colon-separated port) of another hub that the user should move to.
  • <reasonMsg> is the reason provided to <victimNick>.


On receiving these commands, <victimNick> may or may not follow the re-direct instruction depending on their client software. For this reason it is common, but not required, for the Hub software to disconnect the user after these commands have been sent.