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$FeaturedNetworks is a protocol extension of the APN MultiHubChatsystem to identify the different hubs and other entry points (IRC, Telnet) etc. It was primarily created to aid APN developers and to allow a better integration of multi hub chat systems.

Messages coming through the chat network are prefixed with an unique network node (entry point) identifier, normally three characters long. The central point of the chat network is a single hub that collects chat messages from one entry point and sends them back all other entry points.


An APN MultiHubChat message normally has this format:


Where YYY is the entry point prefix, XXXXX is the username and MMMMMMM is the message.

To allow the different entry point handlers to identify which messages are coming from other multi hub chat entry points, there is a command send by the hub after login called FeaturedNetworks:

$FeaturedNetworks YYY$$YYY$YYY$$|

YYY stands for one entry point to the chat network. In the biggest currently running instance of the APN MultiHubChat system, five or more different prefixes are used.


If implemented, this command could be sent from one of the entry point hubs aswell to aid the client in distinguishing user set prefixes ([BBB], [psv], (FUG) etc..) from network prefixes, and can be used by bots to detect prefix abuse.

The prefixes are to be defined by the network administrator. In the biggest running instance of the network however, the following prefixes are used by several MHC plugins for the different entry points:

  • APx - Hub x (DC, where x is ¹,³ or ²).
  • APt - Telnet Access (Telnet Chat Plugin)
  • IRC - IRC Access (IRC plugin)
  • APs - Shoutcast (Shoutcast Announcer Plugin)

$FeaturedNetworks can be implemented by virtually any hub by either using the MHC bot or by injecting it into the server → client stream using a textfile (like a MOTD).