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Older clients, DC++ and NMDC protocol compatible clients:

$ConnectToMe <RemoteNick> <SenderIp>:<SenderPort>

For example:

$ConnectToMe RemoteNick

NMDC v2.205 and DC:PRO v0.2.3.97A:

$ConnectToMe <SenderNick> <RemoteNick> <SenderIp>:<SenderPort>

For example:

$ConnectToMe MyNick ThatNick


This command starts the process for a client-client connection initiated by an active mode client. On receiving, the client responds by connecting to the IP and port number specified, and from there the client-client protocol takes over.

  • SenderNick is active and wants to connect to RemoteNick.
  • SenderNick sends through the hub, and starts to listen for incoming connection at address Client1IP:Client1port (TCP).