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A downloader can cancel the download gracefully with some clients (NMDC Windows version at least). It does this by sending $Cancel (without the trailing | character).

The uploader then cancels the stream and responds with $Canceled (again, without the trailing |). The following is an example scenario, with D representing the downloader and U representing the uploader.

D>U: $Send|
U>D: file stream (D saves to disk and doesn't care about any "commands")
D>U: $Cancel (D stops saving to disk and starts to check for $Canceled commands)
U>D: maybe a few more bytes of file stream (ignored by D)
U>D: $Canceled

This command is only supported on NMDC 1.x. Support for it was not included when it was rewritten; the Mac and NMDC 2.x Windows version cannot cancel transfers like NMDC 1.x did. DC++ has never supported $Cancel or $Canceled.

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