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Client (pinger) request

$BotINFO <bot description>|

Hub response

$HubINFO <hub name>$<hub address:port>$<hub description>$<max users>$
<min share in bytes>$<min slots>$<max hubs>$<hub type>$<hubowner login>|

Note that the above is one command string but has been split over multiple lines here for clarity.


This command is for hublists to get some extended information about a hub through the use of a Hublist Pinger

  • Bot description can be any string, usually information regarding, and address of, the hublist.
  • Hub name, address and description are the the items which will be shown in the hublist (some hubs have multiple addresses and this helps to get primary address). Description changes often on some hubs so this helps with updating it.
  • Max users, min share, min slots and maximum number of open hubs for the client helps users to find suitable hubs.
  • Hub type gives information about the hub software and script which gave the information.
  • Hubowner login is meant to help hubowners to edit information about their hub directly from the hublist portal It is usually an email address where the account/password information should be sent.
  • If the hub address is, the Hublist.org pinger will remove the hub from its database. (Or is supposed to.)


These commands are supported by the following: