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[edit] Syntax

$MyINFO $ALL <nick> <description>$ $<connection><flag>$<e-mail>$<sharesize>$|

[edit] Description

This command is sent out by a client to advertise information about itself.

  • <nick> Nickname // without spaces
  • <description> User description: user defined text field. DC++ has added an automated (and forced) "tag" to the description field. See below.
  • <connection> User connection to the internet.
    • Default NMDC1 connections types 28.8Kbps, 33.6Kbps, 56Kbps, Satellite, ISDN, DSL, Cable, LAN(T1), LAN(T3)
    • Default NMDC2 connections types Modem, DSL, Cable, Satellite, LAN(T1), LAN(T3)
  • <flag> User status as ascii char (byte)
    • Values:
      • 1 normal
      • 2, 3 away
      • 4, 5 server
      • 6, 7 server away
      • 8, 9 fireball
      • 10, 11 fireball away
    • The server icon is used when the client has uptime > 2 hours, > 2 GB shared, upload > 200 MB.
    • The fireball icon is used when the client has had an upload > 100 kB/s.
  • <e-mail> User email adress
  • <sharesize> Share size in bytes

// All characters except $ and | are allowed.

This command is part of the Client-Hub Handshake and during login, is send after the client receive $Hello with their own nick. Client resend this on any change. It's broadcasted to all clients.

[edit] Tag

This addition to the <description> field was introduced to ease concerns by hub operators that DC++ users were joining too many hubs and not allowing enough uploads. (The original DC client only allowed users to join a single hub.) The tag is now a de facto standard.

  • ++: indicates the client
  • V: tells you the version number
  • M: tells if the user is in active (A), passive (P), or SOCKS5 (5) mode
  • H: tells how many hubs the user is on and what is his status on the hubs. The first number means a normal user, second means VIP/registered hubs and the last one operator hubs (separated by the forward slash ['/']).
  • S: tells the number of slots user has opened
  • O: shows the value of the "Automatically open slot if speed is below xx KiB/s" setting, if non-zero


<++ V:0.673,M:P,H:0/1/0,S:2>