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How can I configure Sygate Personal Firewall?

How to set up Sygate Personal Firewall Pro

This was setup using version 5.1 Build 1615s. Verified same procedure works on version 5.5 Build 2637.

  1. Assuming you haven't run DC++ yet with the firewall, start up DC++. You will see a dialog like the following:

    Make sure to check Remember my answer, and do not ask me again for this application
  2. DC++ should now be set up!

The above is a quick way to set up DC++ on your computer which should work for most people. By default, DC++ uses random ports for traffic, sometimes this is a good thing and other times it's better to specify which port it can use.

Follow the guide below on how to lock down DC++ to use a single inbound port (not required!). This is not needed if you run DC++ in passive mode.

  1. Select a port that DC++ traffic will use. Pick a number between 1025 - 65535. Put that port into DC++

  2. Open up the main screen for Sygate:

    Click on Applications
  3. This will list all the applications Sygate knows about on your computer that have tried to access the Internet.

    Select DC++ and click on Advanced

  4. * Put the port number you randomly selected into the Local Ports section for both TCP and UDP.
    Uncheck Allow ICMP traffic. Since DC++ doesn't respond to pings, there is no point enabling it for a possible ping flood.
  5. Now DC++ is set up with a more secure firewall rule.

Last update: 2006-06-03 15:49
Author: BSOD2600
Revision: 1.0

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