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How can I share network drives?

DC++ 0.4032 or newer

DC++ clients after 0.4032 are able to successfully share network drives from within DC++ with out mapping them.

  1. Go to File -> Settings -> Sharing -> Add Folder
  2. Navigate through your home network to the computer with a share and select one.

  3. Now you should see it listed as a shared folder in DC++

DC++ 0.305 to 0.403

DC++ clients 0.305 to 0.403 support sharing networked drives via their UNC name (i.e. \\servername\share), but the GUI does not have the option to navigate through My Network Places entirely. This leaves two methods to sharing a network drive:

  1. Follow the method below in the next section for older DC++ clients
  2. Edit your DCPlusPlus.xml file and add the UNC path for a share.
    <Directory>F:\My Music</Directory>

DC++ 0.304 or older

NeoModus Direct Connect nor DC++ will allow you to directly share a network drive. However, there is a solution to sharing them!

Simply map a network drive to a drive letter in windows (i.e. Z:\share). Once the network drive has been mapped to an drive letter, you can share it in NMDC or DC++ like a normal folder.

  1. Open up Windows Explorer or My Computer. Go to Tools -> Map Network Drive.

  2. Type in the computer name and the share point (or browse to it). You might need to specify a different username when connecting to the computer. Click on "different user name" and enter in the name/password.

  3. Inside DC++ sharing setting, select the drive you just mapped (Z: in this example). That's it!

DC++ Changelog Related Entries:
0.4032: Allowed sharing of network folders (thanks garg)
0.306: Fixed an issue with UNC paths (those starting with "\\")

Last update: 2006-06-02 23:56
Author: BSOD2600
Revision: 1.0

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