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What ports does DC++ use?


TCP: 411 This is the default port hubs operate on. They also operate on other ports in attempts to bypass ISPs who block port 411 traffic.
TCP: 1025-32000 DC++ will use any outgoing port for file transfers and searches. This is the default behavior of any program establishing an outgoing connection.


TCP: 1025-32000 Unless a port is specified in the active mode port, DC++ will use any available port in that range for establishing file transfers.  Searches are also returned from the hub on a port the client sets up (passive mode searching).
UDP: 1025-32000 Unless a port is specified in the active mode port, DC++ will use any available port in that range for returning search results


DC++ Change Log Related Entries:
0.668: Added option to use separate TCP and UDP ports
0.20: A random free port between 1025 and 32000 is now used in active mode, unless a port specifically has been set. This port is changed on every restart to avoid problems with networks where traffic on certain ports is limited or banned.

Last update: 2006-05-17 20:44
Author: BSOD2600
Revision: 1.0

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Comment of Taneli (2038-01-19 04:14:07):
You explain port forwarding and inbound openings required in a hardware firewall clearly enough in this FAQ, but you hardly mention outbound traffic. My firewall blocks outbound traffics to most ports as default (the exceptions are ftp, ssh and such), so I need to know: which port(s) do I need to open and for what kind of traffic regarding outbound connections in order to make DC++ work properly in active mode behind a hardware firewall? This entry I'm now commenting mentions, that most hubs listen to port 411 as default, so do I need to allow outbound traffic to that port? And what kind of outbound traffic? Is that port enough for outbound traffic or do I need to open other ports as well? This entry does mention, that ports 1025-32000 are also used in outbound traffic. Do I need to open the whole range and for TCP or UDP traffic or both? What if I open only a range of, say, 300 ports? What about ports 32001-64000? Are those used at all? The entry 'How to set up active mode?' on the other hand mentions that active mode requires both TCP and UDP access on all ports outgoing for DC++ to work properly. This reads, that I should open ports 1-64000 for both kinds of outbound traffic. Is this true, although this entry claims only ports 411 + 1025-32000 for outbound traffic? I really think you should state these things more clearly in your FAQ and remove the conflicting info about the range of ports required to be opened for outbound traffic. And I'm hoping for a quick clarification sent to my e-mail also.