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What is DC++?

DC++ is an free open-source, ad and spyware-free client, written in C++ for the Direct Connect protocol originally developed by John Hess, that allows you to share files over the internet with other users.

Original and additional features over NMDC v1 (many now which have found their way into NMDC v2):

  • Much more stable. It wastes less memory, is faster, file size is smaller and long queue won't freeze the whole program. Neo-Modus Direct Connect eats memory and resources.
  • You can connect to many hubs at same time and search for files from all of them with same search.
  • You can continue downloading the same file from other users if somebody leaves.
  • You can see timestamps in the chat. Chat won't jump to end when you roll back old messages.
  • Bot messages wont popup new windows, you can also filter bot messages off.
  • No Ads.
  • Search is more versatile.
  • Hublist is downloadable from multiple servers/sources.

    Features - Configurable:

  • Automatically search for alternate download locations (0.173) - Allows DC++ to try to find other locations to download your files.
  • Automatic Share Refreshing (0.172) - Every hour DC++ refreshes your share content.
  • Use small send buffer (0.181) - If uploads slow down your downloads A LOT you may try this option.
  • SFV checking (0.22) - Many downloads on DC contain an sfv file to check the integrity of a download. DC++ can on-the-fly calculate CRC-32 values for a file and compare it against the sfv file. If the check fails, the file is automatically downloaded once more from the same user and if that fails, the user is removed as a source.
  • Rollback (0.11) - When resuming a file to ensure it contains no errors. If there is an error DC++ deletes rollback bytes and checks again.
  • Write buffer (0.16) - Anti-fragmentation feature, DC++ saves every X bytes to keep fragmentation low.
  • Language File (0.16) - A XML-file containing most of the text used in DC++. You can specify a file to have DC++ in your favorite language.
  • Logging (0.163) – Log your downloads, uploads, and various chat windows.
  • Network Statistics (0.300) - Go to the View menu -> Network statistics
  • URL handler (0.18) – URLS of the type dchub:// to open in DC++ from your browser. Links in main chat with www, http://, or ftp:// automatically open in your default browser when double-clicked.
  • Slot Closing (0.20) - If a user leaves the hub DC++ will close his slots, if the user is back within 10 minutes DC++ will grant him a slot.
  • Anti-Fragmentation (0.241) - When downloading, it creates a file of the expected target size with unspecified content.
  • Custom Descriptions (0.24) - Custom per-hub user description available for favorite hubs
  • Selectable Hubs to Search (0.301) - You can choose which hubs you want to search in.
  • ADL Search (0.24) - Tool for fast searching of directory listings downloaded from users
  • User Country (0.402) - Show the users country abbreviation in the IP field
  • UPnP Support (0.4033) - Able to configure your router to open up ports when needed to work in active mode.

  • Features - Non-configurable:

  • File Hashing (0.307) - Merkle trees and tiger hashing are used for file hashing.
  • DC++ user detection (0.11) - Those appear blue.
  • Passive user detection (0.154) - Those that are behind a set of bricks are passive. (detected when the user searches or tries to connect to you)
  • Dupe file removal (0.154) - Files with same name and size are automatically removed from your share and others.
  • Banning Prevention (0.23) - If DC++ receives "banned" during the login phase, it'll stop automatically reconnecting
  • Tab Nick Completion (0.300) - Automatically completes the nickname you are typing by hitting TAB once the name is partially typed.
  • Command History Scrolling (0.302) - Use ctrl-up/down/home/end to view previous things typed.
  • $BZList (0.172) - Sending file lists compressed
  • $GetZBlock (0.302) - Sending files using dynamic compression
  • $MiniSlots (0.13) - Uploading filelists and files <16 kB to other DC++ users WITHOUT requiring a slot
  • $UserIP (0.305) - Server side IP detection (automatically used if the IP field in settings is blank)
  • $NoHello (0.305) - A hub bandwidth easing feature for the hubs that support it.
  • $NoGetINFO (0.301) - A hub bandwidth easing feature for the hubs that support it.
  • ADC Protocol (0.402) - A text protocol for a DC style network
  • Last update: 2006-05-08 12:23
    Author: BSOD2600
    Revision: 1.0

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