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I got "not shared, calculated crc32 does not match the one found in SFV file" messages in the System Log and those files are missing from my share. What can I do?

Since version 0.688 DC++ has a feature to eliminate sharing files with an invalid corresponding .sfv file. Sfv files are simple text files containing some code to verify the integrity of files listed in them. That code can be used to check if a download are successful or not.
If you like to know more about sfv start here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sfv
You get these error because some of your files you wanted to share are failed the CRC check based of a corresponding .sfv file. Usually you can find an .sfv file in the same folder as the file(s) which excluded of your share with this error message.
There is a possibility you wanted to share a corrupted file. Check the file and remove if its really corrupted.
Another common reason of this error is that your file have been modified since its .sfv created making the corresponding .sfv file invalid. (eg. you modified the ID tag in an mp3 file etc.). In this case you must either recreate or delete the .sfv file to get rid of this error and have your file shared.
Sharing corrupted files are very undesirable - that is the reason why sfv checking of the share feature introduced in DC++. Even if you have proper files in your share but with invalid sfv, it could cause a false misleading error message at your peer.

Last update: 2006-08-03 22:27
Author: eMTee
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