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What do the different icons in the user list mean?

In general, the following is true:

  • : Unknown user
  • : Unknown OP
  • : Active mode DC++ type user
  • : Active mode DC++ type OP
  • : Unknown passive mode user
  • : Unknown passive mode OP
  • : Passive mode DC++ type user
  • : Passive mode DC++ type OP
  • Bricks: Passive mode user (note, this does not mean people without bricks are active, just that the one with bricks is passive for sure. This is detected when that user searches or tries to connect to you)
  • Blue: DC++ user (again, not blue does not mean not DC++, this is detected when the user tries to connect to you or when you try to connect to him)
  • DC++ Changelog Related Entries:
    0.4032: Caseless icon optimization (thanks garg), New icon with alpha channels for XP
    0.400: New icons in window menu (thanks garg)
    0.307: Fixed an issue with icon transparencies (thanks garg)
    0.302: Added a small menu to the tray icon (thanks orkblutt)
    0.300: Own icon always set to blue (DC++) (thanks atomicjo)
    0.233: Fixed a small bug with disappearing tray icon (thanks vladimir marko)
    0.232: Added an icon for the finished downloads to the toolbar (thanks todd pederzani), The main icon now contains a 48x48 icon as well (thanks todd pederzani)
    0.21: The search window now uses non-colored icons
    0.177: Fixed the wrong transfer icon bug, Fixed a tray icon bug (thanks andreas kronquist), Tray icon is now redisplayed if explorer crashes, Added a few icons to the search list, Added an icon for the download queue (thanks zc)
    0.173: Fixed win95 missing explorer icons bug
    0.12: New icons and colors for the user interface (Thanx mongomaster...)
    0.11: DC++ will now detect other DC++ users as soon as a connection attempt is made...look out for blue icons...=)
    0.10: Added basic icons that distinguish op's from normal users

    Last update: 2006-06-03 15:55
    Author: BSOD2600
    Revision: 1.0

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