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What does search spy do?

The search spy shows the most popular things that people search for and some other statistics. The first column is the word / TTH hash they've searched for. The second column is number of times this word has been searched for against your DC++ client. The third is the last user who searched for the word / TTH hash. The fourth is the time.

The statistics are reset every time you close the spy window. The status bar at the bottom also shows the total number of searches while the spy was open and the average number of searches per second.


DC++ Change Log Related Entries:
0.670: Added option to filter TTH results in search spy (thanks joakim tosteberg). Small spy frame fix (thanks garg). 
0.666: [bug 87] TTH's are now correctly searched for in search spy (thanks trem). Added spy frame column saving (thanks garg)
0.4034:  Added last search time to search spy (thanks ullner)
0.177:  Added a search hit counter to the search spy
0.173:  Added some stuff to the search spy (useless features are the best...=)
0.163:  Added search spy window with counter

Last update: 2006-05-17 20:37
Author: BSOD2600
Revision: 1.0

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