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Where can I get hub software?

The table is a work in progress, suggestions are welcome.

NMDC Protocol Based Hubs

Hub Name OS CLI / GUI / Service Scripts Plugins $UserCommand $UserIP $UserIP2 $NoHello $NoGetINFO $BotINFO Quicklist Other
Aquila LinuxMac CLI / Ser X Native Native Native ZLine
BDCH Win32Linux CLI / Ser Lua 5 Native Native Native Native Native Native SecuredExecutor, Webservice
DCH:Pro Win32 GUI
DCH++ Win32LinuxFreeBSD CLI / Ser Lua 4/5 X Plugin, Script Plugin Plugin Native Plugin
dchub Linux CLI / Ser Perl, Python X
dchubjava Java GUI? Java
DConnect Daemon LinuxFreeBSD CLI Perl
DCSH Win32LinuxMac CLI / Ser Lua 5
LatHack Win32 GUI X
ODC(#)H Win32 CLI / Ser X Plugin
Open DC Hub Linux CLI / Ser Perl Script Script Script
PtokaX Win32 GUI Lua 5 Script Script ZLine
py-dchub All CLI Python
RDCHub Win32 GUI


SBSoftEA Win32 GUI Pascal X
SDCH Win32 GUI VBScript, JScript Native Native Native Native Native Native
Verlihub LinuxMacFreeBSD CLI / GUI / Ser Bash, Perl, Lua 4/5 X Native Native Native Native Native Native
XHub Win32 GUI Native Native Multihub
Ynhub Win32 GUI Adv. Textfile Native Native Native Native Native

ADC Protocol Based Hubs

Hub Name OS CLI / GUI / Service Scripts Plugins Other
Aegaeon Win32
DCHSharp Win32 CLI / Ser X
DCNet-X Win32Linux CLI / Ser
Qhub Linux CLI / Ser
VaultHub Java GUI

Windows Based

  • PtokaX - Stable hub software, especially popular for the larger hubs. Extensions use Lua version 4 scripts.
  • DCH++ - From the creator of DC++, he's developing hub software which is still closed beta. Extensions are either plugins or Lua version 5 scripts.
  • SBSoftEA - Written in Delphi. Extensions are scripts.
  • YnHub - Complete rewrite of the popular Yhub by two great Devs. Most features are built in, so no need for plugins/scripts.
  • ODC(#)H - Written in C#. Extensions are plugins.
  • SDCH - ShadowDC Hub. Open source, written in VB6. Extensions are written in vbscript.
  • RDCHub
  • XHub - Many advanced features (client detection, adv rules, multihub linking).
  • LatHack DC Hub - Hub purely based on C/C++ plugins. Comes with several rudimentary ones: anti-flood, anti-spam, IP filter, OP chat.
  • DCH:Pro -
  • Direct Connect Secured Hub - (aka DCSH)

Linux Based

  • dchub - Open-source hub software, part of the DCTC project. It supports Perl and python scripting, as well as multihub linking
  • DCH++
  • Open DC Hub - Very stable hub. Problem with 2,500+ users. Extensions use Perl scripts.
  • Verlihub - Written in C++. Uses MySQL database. No problem with 10.000+ users, running for many days/weeks rock stable. Native tag control, min/max version of clients, slots, hubs, upload limiter.
  • DConnect Daemon - Written in pure C. Scripting in Perl.
  • Direct Connect Secured Hub -

Mac Based

FreeBSD Based

OS Independent

Last update: 2006-06-03 16:01
Author: BSOD2600
Revision: 1.0

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