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My Queue.xml was corrupted! How can I recover my queued downloads?

If you have lost or damaged your queue.xml file, the following may help reconstruct it in order to continue your partial downloads. There are two methods to this:

Easy Way:

  1. Look in your unfinished download directory for the file(s). The default naming scheme since DC++ 0.4032 is now: <filename>.<extension>.<TTH Hash>.dctemp. If the file has a TTH value, copy, search, and download it. DC++ should resume the partial file in your unfinished download directory.
  2. If the file has no TTH hash, search for the filename and download. It's best to also specify a minimum file size to reduce the number of unneeded results.
  3. If a file refused to resume, then you likely have a Rollback Inconsistency or TTH Inconsistency.

Hard Way

  1. You may find this easier if you do not start any new downloads. If you have already started new downloads, it may be best to move those partial files and their associated queue.xml file to another folder so you start with no queue.xml in DC++'s installation directory.
  2. Make a copy of the partial file you want to recover, and move it to another folder for safety. (In this example: FILENAMEabcdef.mpg)

  3. Run DC++ and search for FILENAME.mpg. If you are lucky, you may recall the name of the user you initiated the original download from and/or the filesize (otherwise you'll have to guess and take your chances).
  4. Start downloading the file and allow enough bytes to transfer so the new partial file is >0 bytes. Stop the download and shutdown DC++. You should now have a queue.xml file in DC++'s installation folder and two similarly named files of different size in your partial's folder.

  5. Make a copy of the new queue.xml file and move it and the new partial file (smaller and named slightly different to the first i.e. FILENAMEfedcba.mpg) to another folder for safety.
  6. Open the new queue.xml in Notepad, WordPad or some other text editor.
  7. Open the Properties dialog for the original partial file, FILENAMEabcdef.mpg, and make a note of the exact file size.

  8. Overwrite the number indicated, in the queue.xml file, with the exact file size of FILENAMEabcdef.mpg and save queue.xml file.

    (Note: The above WordPad text has the 'wrapped' option enabled).
  9. Rename FILENAMEabcdef.mpg to FILENAMEfedcba.mpg.
  10. You should now be able to restart DC++ and the partial download should pickup at the percentage it finished at.
  11. If you had started new downloads and you feel confident enough, you could merge the queue.xml file for the new downloads with the queue.xml that you just created/edited. Don't forget to return your new downloads (if you moved them) back to your partials folder.

    Disclaimer: The above worked DC++ v0.403 on Windows XP SP1. Your mileage may vary (please remember to backup any files before editing them).

Hard Way submitted by ScrewU

Last update: 2006-06-03 16:08
Author: BSOD2600
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