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Bug#: 122
Resolution: FIXED
Assigned To: Bug list <>
Reporter: ssjoco <>
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Screenshot Of fulDC++ UserList Filter image/jpeg 2004-10-14 12:07 CEST 10.72 KB Edit
fuldc userlist filter. patch 2006-05-27 16:05 CEST 15.09 KB Edit | Diff
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Description:   Opened: 2004-08-20 01:50 CEST
Search in the Hub user list, not like Tab button. Search e-mail, description or 
name, like the filesearch.

------- Comment #1 From Lundis 2004-08-20 02:04 CEST -------
Completely useless, you can sort e-mail and description and you can type part 
of the username in the chat and tab to find hits in the userlist already.

------- Comment #2 From Todd Pederzani 2004-08-20 06:02 CEST -------
If you want a user list filter like oDC, please say so.  Having it "just like
file search" doesn't make much sense - it doesn't deserve its own window, none
of the options make sense, and the most intuitive way to display the results is

------- Comment #3 From DeathStalker77 2004-09-27 07:53 CEST -------
I would consider this to mean the SAME AS oDC and fulDC++ currently 
implement.  Should not be that difficult to include in DC  =)

------- Comment #4 From Todd Pederzani 2004-09-28 06:06 CEST -------
It should not be difficult to include in DC++?  In that case, I look forward to
your patch, DeathStalker77. =)  Remember, to submit a patch to DC++, you have to
be the copyright owner on it so that you may assign copyright to arne, as per

On a sidenote: if you're requesting the feature, please document it to the best
of your ability.  I'm not an oDC or fulDC user, and I'm not going to go download
the binary because you haven't fully explained the feature that you want.  This
goes for all other features that are suggested as well.  A basic tenent of good
software engineering is having a complete Specification for the program/feature
before you start coding it.  Since you're not doing the work to code it, you
should at least do the work to describe how you'd like it to behave.

------- Comment #5 From DeathStalker77 2004-10-14 12:07 CEST -------
Created an attachment (id=23) [edit]
Screenshot Of fulDC++ UserList Filter

------- Comment #6 From DeathStalker77 2004-10-14 12:10 CEST -------

No insult intended - I meant that since oDC (and I believe fulDC, since it was 
based on oDC) were Open Source, that the code for that feature(s) could be 
used (with appropriate credit given).  I'm a designer, not a programmer ;c)

In oDC & fulDC, there is a small window below the userlist (in the Hub window) 
and when you type characters in, it filters the usernames displayed in the 
list down to what you type - so if you entered "deaths" it might reduce the 
userlist to something like:


Does that help clarify things?  I've added a screenshot from fulDC++ showing 
its implementation - the selector (NICK) can be changed to filter on any of 
the fields in the UserList.

------- Comment #7 From Todd Pederzani 2004-10-14 16:26 CEST -------
I'd have preferred it if you described it from scratch, but it's fine.

DC++ could incorporate code by mods, but it will not.  It's in everyone's
interest if one person holds the copyright to all of the code.  It makes it much
easier to enforce the GPL by applying copyright law - Jacek doesn't have to ask
the permission of any other copyright holders before going after a given violator.

------- Comment #8 From Trem 2006-05-27 16:05 CEST -------
Created an attachment (id=233) [edit]
fuldc userlist filter.

Here's a patch that implements the userlist filter in fulDC. it filters in
realtime and handles numeric values as well, same style as in public hub
filter. The patch also updates the tab handling to enable users to move around
the hubwindow.

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