Money and DC++

While going through the forum, looking for interesting things to blog about, I noticed a thread by Ali;

If you had to pay for DC++, how much would you be willing to pay? A slightly
different angle: How much do you think it is *worth*?

The thread was started 2003-06-23, and I probably wouldn’t have paid for it back then. But now… If I were forced, I probably would.

A question that arose from the thread was; Who should get the money? A lot of people have been a part of the DC++ project; patching, supporting and general assistance. Is it “fair” that Sieka recieves money for things that a lot of other people have helped put together? Is it “fair” because he did the initial framework and everyone else “just got on the wagon”? I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable if I were to recieve money all of a sudden. Don’t get me wrong, I like money, but getting money for something that I enjoy doing… Wouldn’t that make me a whore? I know Pederzani has said he wouldn’t accept money “to do features” and I don’t think I would either.

What do you think? Is DC++ worth any money by today’s standards? If so - Who do you think should get them?

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  1. pur Says:

    Spend it on the infrastructure. Server (web, svn). Get rid of Sourceforge ;)

  2. Fredrik Ullner Says:

    Well, the question would be how much it would cost to “get rid of Sourceforge”. version.xml generates probably half a million hits per day. Then think of the daily download of official releases, SVN checkouts… We’re probably up to a million hits per day if we count in the forum and FAQ. Not something to consider “little traffic”.

  3. pur Says:

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but i guess dc++ is sooner to lack money than have to much money.
    But i agree having it spend on hosting the download file isn’t the best thing to spend donation money on.
    The point that i was trying to make, was that you probably can think of many things to spend it on, that may benefit development / service.

  4. Fredrik Ullner Says:

    Yes, sure.

    But I can’t think of many things that would “improve” development. I mean, recieving money won’t force me to make more patches. (It won’t force me to make less.) But I guess if we could spend more time (”time is money”) porting DC++ to other systems than Windows, I’m sure we could get a lot of developers from the *nix and OSX environment. And that would be beneficial for everyone.

  5. Todd Pederzani Says:

    There are both OSX and Linux porting efforts going on. I would love to have both of them in the svn repository, if they’re usable. I’d welcome more developers.

    There have been a couple patches from the linuxdcpp people, but I haven’t heard from the MacDCpp effort.

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