Ports in ADC and NMDC C-C

If you’ve checked your netstat lately, you will notice a port that is opened that you haven’t explicitly specified. But if you look closely, it is the port you’ve specified under Connection settings+1. (That is, you’ve entered 9999 in Settings, port 9999 and 10000 will be opened and ready for listening.)

I don’t want you to get alarmed here now, because this has nothing to do with “sending information about you and your computer” (aka spyware).

The port you have specified in Settings is the port that will be used in NMDC client-to-client connections. The “port+1″ port, will be used in ADC client-to-client connections.

Why can’t they use the same port? Well, the answer came from the master; The idea of using the same port in both protocols is of course great, the problem is the implementation of said idea. The implementation is basically just so difficult that there is little to gain.

I was poking around in the source code and I think I found the lines where “port+1″ is executed; Line 69 in ConnectionManager.cpp: lastPort++; firstPort = lastPort; Set here firstPort to something else than lastPort.

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  1. emtee Says:

    It means then that those people who using manual port forwarding they must forward also port+1 for ADC client to client communincation?

    Can two new (eg. 0.69) DC++ client use ADC client to client protocol between themselves if they are connected to an NMDC hub or it needs a hub which supports ADC?

  2. Fredrik Ullner Says:

    Yes to the first question.
    As for the second question; You cannot use ADC C-C in a NMDC hub. It requires an ADC hub.

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