DC++ vs DC

I guess we’re continuing on the ‘misconception post path’…

A lot of people say they’re on “DC++ hubs” or that they “are downloading files from DC++”. This is wrong.

DC, Direct Connect, is a network that is based on hubs and on clients. The actual network is called DC and the protocol is called NMDC (Neo-Modus DC). This protocol was designed by Jonathan Hess, the creator of the NMDC client (the very first client). arnetheduck, the creator of DC++, then sniffed the traffic to and from the hub and created a client based on the foundings. Later, arnetheduck designed (still in late development) ADC, another protocol, that utilizes the same principles of the NMDC protocol; it can still be considered as ‘DC’.

DC is a network which is based on hubs (servers) and clients. DC++ is a client that can connect to said hubs.

So, please; Stop using the phrase “I downloaded some things from DC++”. Its like saying “I am connected to mIRC” or “My website is on Internet Explorer”.

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    […] What is ADC exactly then? It’s basically a way of defining how two clients (or client and server [hub]) communicate over the Internet. ADC is a protocol, just like HTTP (which you’ve probably noticed when you’re viewing web sites), FTP, IRC or NMDC. Think of this communication, the protocol, as two people in real life talking to each other. They both need to understand each other, otherwise they are just making noice with their mouths. Think of protocols as natural languages; English, French, Italian or Swedish. […]

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