In the search window there’s a counter that says ‘Filtered’. This means the amount of search results that have been filtered since you opened the window. This counter has not always been visible, although it has existed internally for quite some time.

There are four ways this counter can increase:

  • When you have selected ‘Only results with TTH root’. (Directories will always show, even though they cannot have a TTH.)
  • When you have selected ‘Only users with free slots’.
  • When you have written “ -foo”. This will filter search results that contain “foo”.
  • When an autosearch has been performed in the background. If an autosearch is carried out, you of course shouldn’t see the results of that search (because you are trying to find something else).  If the autosearch’s result matches the current search term, the result will be added to the current window, regardless of how long ago the search was started.

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  1. DC++: Just These Guys, Ya Know? » Blog Archive » Filtering Redux Says:

    […] In a past entry, Fredrik explained what caused the “Filtered” count in the Search Window. What is more interesting to me is the why. Why do all the search windows have to get all of the search results? It has to do with the design of the NMDC protocol by Jon Hess. The $Search sends out the essential information: search terms, size limitations, and search type. The $SR (search result) likewise sends the essential information: result type, directory name, file name, size. What is missing is a way to link a given $SR to the $Search that spawned it. […]

  2. DC++: Just These Guys, Ya Know? » Blog Archive » Number your Result Says:

    […] So you dig through the archives, and find Filtering…, and think “hey! It says there I can filter out search results with -foo!”… Well, you’d be filtering the recieved results in NMDC. (Ehm, said ADC functionality, in DC++, doesn’t currently exist, mind you…) […]

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