Search types

If you look at a search window, you can choose to search for a specific file type. And here are all of them:

Audio: “.mp3″, “.mp2″, “.mid”, “.wav”, “.ogg”, “.wma”, “.au”, “.aiff”, “.flac”

Compressed: “.zip”, “.ace”, “.rar”

Document: “.htm”, “.doc”, “.txt”, “.nfo”

Executable: “.exe”

Picture: “.jpg”, “.gif”, “.png”, “.eps”, “.img”, “.pct”, “.psp”, “.pic”, “.tif”, “.rle”, “.bmp”, “.pcx”, “.ai”, “.ps”, “.pict”

Video: “.mpg”, “.mov”, “.asf”, “.avi”, “.pxp”, “.wmv”, “.ogm”, “.mkv”, “.rm”, “.divx”, “.mpeg”

You may have thought that adding (to your own copy of DC++ - through compiling) exactly *every* file type there is so a lot more files are included when you’ve selected a file type. Unfortunately, there would be no use. You see, all of these file types are what you respond to. Not what others respond to. So, for it to be effective, everyone need to run your modification.

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