Answer to Pop quiz: Downloading in ADC

I think this quiz was a little harder than the previous, but nontheless we have a winner, and it is (again) poy. Congrats. You win a free trip to the public DC dev hub. (Blatant plug :D )

One of the reason I believe this quiz was more difficult was because I didn’t include the actual answer in the options. (Well, d)…) Another reason is because it (sort of) require that you have been paying attention.

The question was: Why can’t Jake download the file list or any other file from “john111/2″? Because Jake already have a transfer going from “john111″. You see, “foobar” and “john111″ is the exact same person, using the same client, but with different user names. I’ll soon get to why they are the same user.

The reason I chose this scenario with university hubs, is because users tied to a university often share IPs. This means that one can’t look at the IP for comparison if two users are the same. (If people wouldn’t have shared IP, this would be a nice clue as to why Jake couldn’t download.)

So, why are “foobar” and “john111″ the same user? They have the exact same CID. I wrote in the previous post that DC++ look at the CID to check if two users are the same. ADC natively require CIDs, meaning that DC++ doesn’t “artificially” create the CID of other users. In terms, CIDs are global, (or atleast are supposed to be) meaning that your CID is the same in one, two or 40 ADC hubs.

Since DC++ see that they have the same CID, it thinks “hey, same user, don’t start another download because I’m already downloading from that user”.


There is an issue with the scheme DC++ currently use - Most users won’t understand what a CID is (CIDs are infact displayed in the user list) or why DC++ won’t start another download (”what the… it’s not the same user! crappy program!”). There have been discussion on how one could notify the user, among them; treeview of each download (”click on a ‘+’ to expand the list of usernames”); displaying “username1,username2,username3″ (I think this would be the easiest - codewise); Have DC++ print “You are already downloading from this user. The userlist/file has been queued”; a download mini slot option (like the upload mini slot option - but applying only to certain files, like the file list). Can anyone think of more?

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