Answer to Pop quiz: Downloading in NMDC hubs

Time for the answer to the Pop quiz: Downloading in NMDC hubs.

First off, I want to congratulate poy for giving us the correct answers;
Q: How do you get the three files simultaniously from that user? (With DC++ 0.674)
A: Alternative b); use a different user name in all hubs.

Q: How do you get the three files simultaniously from that user? (With DC++ 0.691)
A: Alternative a); use the same user name in all hubs and b) use a different user name in all hubs.
Why alternative b) with DC++ 0.674? Well, it all has to do with how DC++ treat users. Users are identified by nick name alone (in 0.674), meaning that DC++ think “hey, you can’t start another transfer just yet from ‘foobar’, you are already downloading from him!”/”hey, you can’t start another transfer yet to _yournick_, you are already uploading to him!”. The “problem” is that there is no notification (eg, a reprahasing of what I just wrote).

Why is this different in DC++ 0.691 then? Why is option a) also correct? Because DC++ has changed its identification scheme. Now, DC++ identifies users with nick name and the hub address. This makes downloading files simultaniously incredibly easier with DC++ 0.691. You see, when DC++ check if it can connect to users, it looks at the CID of the user (CID is this identification, it basically is “encode with the Base32 mechanism[hash with Tiger[nick name + hub address]]”), and yet the nick name for is the same in the various hubs, the hub addresses surely aren’t. This is terms mean that DC++ think “not same user, allow transfer”, and we have ourselves a simultanious downloads.
This new scheme meant (as you’ve noticed) that all users in the queue and the favorite users were gone. The reason is above. The users had no CID, meaning DC++ thought “no CID, I have no idea who these people are, better get rid of them”. Now, there could have beeen some form of “conversion” for the favorite users, considering DC++ does store the hub name for the users, but it does not (as far as I know, I haven’t checked) for the queue. (I am not going to do a patch or any tool. Forget about it.)
What do you think? Was the old scheme better or is the new one? (Ignoring the upgrading problems.)
I’m hesitant to answer that question myself.

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  1. emtee Says:

    The new scheme is surely better than the old one. CID helps to identify always the correct source for download and makes the easy possibility of simultaneous downloads.
    On the other hand I think introducing CID a bit redefines the concept of a favorite DC++ user. If someone saves a favorite user with 0.685+ (for identifying them as a person later) he/she wont find his/her fav person on another hub since CID is bound for a specific hub. With this change ‘Favorite Users’ function could be even renamed as ‘Favorite Sources’…
    A lot of people uses ‘fav users’ function for indentifying not a person (buddy) but a good source/share what’s worth to check periodically (thats why PITA for many people to lost their fav users at the upgrade - they don’t remember the nicks since they haven’t bound them to persons… there were a few example of this kind of user complaining lately in the support forum)
    For them CID is a bit disappointing : if they want to find their fav shares on all the hubs they appear the users must save their ‘fav source’ for every hub. Also for these people your thought of converting fav users is a partial solution since the conversation could only make one CID bound to that specific hub where the fav user last seen. So they couldn’t find their fav share on another hub.
    So there are disadvantages but every progressive changes have some. Introducing TTH was also a milestone however dropping search by name is a disadvantage in case of searching for alternates of eg. music files….

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