SETTING the settings

So you’ve gotten bored and you started looking in StringDefs.h. You notice that there’s a bunch of SETTING_SOME_OBSCURE_OPTION. When you search for it in other places in the source, you end up in resource.h and SomePage.cpp (and of course StringDefs.h) (where ‘SomePage’ is the name of one of the settings pages).

“How can these options then be used elsewhere if there’s no code to back it up? So DC++ completely ignores every single option there is?”
No, DC++ doesn’t. You see, all of the things in StringDefs.h that have SETTINGS_ before it are captions (text) in the settings pages. Meaning, they aren’t used as options. The names of the settings are instead SOME_OBSCURE_OPTION, and if you search for that, I assure you that you will see more places than above files. (And you can call the option with SETTING(SOME_OBSCURE_OPTION) or BOOLSETTING(SOME_OBSCURE_OPTION).)

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