Pop quiz: Downloading in NMDC hubs

To increase the interaction between the blog and our blog readers, I thought we could have a “pop quiz”. I’ll also be so kind to have multiple choices for you to pick from.

Today’s pop quiz;
You are using an unmodified version of DC++ 0.674. You are connected to 3 (three) NMDC hubs with no relation. (They aren’t connected through a “network” that is.) You are looking for the files A, B and C. You find user “foobar” in the three hubs (the same user accross hubs) who have all the files you’re looking for. This user is also using an unmodified version of DC++ 0.674. Now, the question is; How do you get the three files simultaniously from that user? Speed is not a matter, neither is active vs passive mode and there’s no hub restrictions or slot restrictions from “foobar”.
Do you
a) use the same user name in all hubs
b) use a different user name in all hubs
c) call two friends and asks them to download file B respectively file C while you download file A. You then walk over to their homes and burn the files on a CD.
d) completely ignores the question I asked and download the files in a row (that is, not simultaniously).
e) say I’m stupid because “foobar”’s copy of DC++ will use the IP to not allow you to download them simultaniously.
f) none of the above, you… (fill in what you do)

Now, the same question, but with the difference that you and “foobar” are both using DC++ 0.691.
It would be neat if you have an explanation why you chose that particular option, but you don’t have to; I’ll explain later which option/answer is correct, and why.

6 Responses to “Pop quiz: Downloading in NMDC hubs”

  1. poy Says:

    i would take option D, thinking it won’t give me much more speed to take 3 slots instead of 1…
    but if i really wanted to download the 3 files at the same time, i think only B would work if “foobar” had DC++ 0.674, which won’t let 2 users with the same nick download at the same time.
    and i have just understood that if “foobar” had DC++ 0.691, both options A and B would work, since “foobar”’s DC++ would not only look at the nick but also at the hub to block simultaneous uploads (i’m not really sure on this one though).

    btw, nice idea this quizz :)

  2. ConstB Says:

    I know only one client (PeerWeb) capable of downloading in two different connections through two different hubs and it doesn’t differ if source has 0.674 or 0.691 version of DC++. It connects successfully regardless what Nickname and IP downloader has. Even if they are the same DC++ allows PeerWeb users to connect to it twice through different hubs. And I don’t know how does it work… :-)

    Is this the answer?

  3. Fredrik Ullner Says:

    ConstB: I’m not even sure what kind of answer you said. This is not about Peerweb. You should read poy’s comment. It is correct.

  4. BW~Merlin Says:

    D because the more connections you have the more chocked the bandwidth for both you and him. You will get much faster speed when he is uploading less files at one time and you are downloading less files. Or you could always search for another use who has the files and then download all three files at once that way.

  5. Fredrik Ullner Says:

    I threw D in as a joke. You are meant to solve the question I asked and not “oh, this is a much better approach …” because that isn’t particulary interesting in this case. (I appreciate that you’re thinking out of the box though.)

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