0.691 and Welcome

DC++ 0.691 is out, so please download and use it. It features a couple of feature contributions from Trem, author of fulDC, as well as some bug fixes. Only through your use and your reporting of bugs and crashes can DC++ be given enough testing to qualify as stable and replace 0.674.

Also, welcome to our blog. The content is graciously provided by Ullner. He will continue contribute to it, but will be joined by (perhaps) BSOD2600, TheParanoidOne, and myself.

5 Responses to “0.691 and Welcome”

  1. Maskros Says:

    Interesting to see some information about DC++!

  2. Björn Says:

    Can I find a list of what’s new in 0.691? I just found a [Z] in the status column in the Transfer window but can’t figure out what it means.

  3. Todd Pederzani Says:

    The list of changes from version to version is distributed with DC++ in two forms: text (changelog.txt) and html (inside DCPlusPlus.chm [a HTML Help file, as defined by Microsoft]). The [Z] is documented in there.

  4. Björn Says:

    My bad. Thanks.

  5. Fredrik Ullner Says:

    I also posted this a while ago: (it’s not 100 % in detail correct, but I haven’t been arsed to make a comment about it yet… I’ll leave it as an excersise to people to post the correct info. ;) But it’s a little more information that in the changelog.)

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