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The WTFs

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Most geeks out there probably have read The Daily WTF. If you haven’t I really recommend you to. The jist of it is that people submit ‘what the f*ck’ posts. Something totally outrageous and stupid and… You get the idea. I thought we’d have something like that here. So I bring you: The DC++ WTF! Edit: I think I fixed the formatting… We’ll start with something that probably every developer have seen: 

// BAH, sorting on bytes will break of course…oh well…later…
From windows/PublicHubsFrame.cpp in the DC++ source… And it’s arnetheduck who wrote it! :)

Next up is psf8500… He wrote a feature where one didn’t need to see everyone’s joins and parts, but only those that’s in your favorites. Nice feature, but it got a little wrong in the readme…   

/showjoins Toggles joins/parts messages for the current hub/favshowjoins Toggles joins/parts messages of favorite users for the current hub (requires showjoins to be enabled)

Now, why would ’showjoins’ have to be enabled when you shouldn’t need to enable it?


This one is an old one by arne. And we find it in the changelog.   

* Fixed width of some status bars when font size differs from mine (I think…why would anyone want to change anyway? =)

Here’s again one of those comments that just can crack a person up… We find this in ConnectionManager.cpp 


int number = Util::toInt(num); // Damn, both want to download…the one with the highest number wins…if(aSource->getNumber() < number) {

// Damn! We lost!aSource->unsetFlag(UserConnection::FLAG_DOWNLOAD);
aSource->setFlag(UserConnection::FLAG_UPLOAD);} else if(aSource->getNumber() == number){
Damnit arne! We want to win!!!111oneone Same file… Another comment…   


// Check that target contains at least one directory…we don’t want headless files…
So, a file without legs is fine? (Now, I don’t know what a ‘headless file’ is and it doesn’t matter so don’t point me to Google. Or MSN. Or something.) 

It is always nice to see that developers care about us little users. Aint it?   

try { addList(aUser, QueueItem::FLAG_DIRECTORY_DOWNLOAD);} catch(const Exception&) {

// Ignore, we don’t really care…}

To all of you who love Microsoft bashing, DC++ has a restriction because of Windows 95… Yay! 

// We want to limit the buffer to 25000 characters…after that, w95 becomes sad…
This limit is actually how many characters your hubframe will allow you to see! So, blame all of those Windows 95 users. Now, why do I think of a twelve year old with a lot of pimples in their face, sitting and watching Teletubbies… 

// Strange!! This disables the scrolling…????

And lastly:   

// the client is dead, long live the client!