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Securing the version

Monday, July 10th, 2006

As DC++ 0.692, 0.693 and 0.694 has come out, DC++ has become more secure. Well, atleast in a use-ADC thing. If you look at the changelog, you’ll notice a myriad of ‘TLS‘ being mentioned. Well, this only work on ADC. So ha! you NMDC-something-something…

Anyway, the new versions… Well, there isn’t much in them (besides the TLS, which I haven’t tested by the way)… In any case, I’d skip DC++ 0.692 and 0.693 since they have some nasty bugs…

Answer to Pop quiz: Downloading in NMDC hubs

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Time for the answer to the Pop quiz: Downloading in NMDC hubs.

First off, I want to congratulate poy for giving us the correct answers;
Q: How do you get the three files simultaniously from that user? (With DC++ 0.674)
A: Alternative b); use a different user name in all hubs.

Q: How do you get the three files simultaniously from that user? (With DC++ 0.691)
A: Alternative a); use the same user name in all hubs and b) use a different user name in all hubs.
Why alternative b) with DC++ 0.674? Well, it all has to do with how DC++ treat users. Users are identified by nick name alone (in 0.674), meaning that DC++ think “hey, you can’t start another transfer just yet from ‘foobar’, you are already downloading from him!”/”hey, you can’t start another transfer yet to _yournick_, you are already uploading to him!”. The “problem” is that there is no notification (eg, a reprahasing of what I just wrote).

Why is this different in DC++ 0.691 then? Why is option a) also correct? Because DC++ has changed its identification scheme. Now, DC++ identifies users with nick name and the hub address. This makes downloading files simultaniously incredibly easier with DC++ 0.691. You see, when DC++ check if it can connect to users, it looks at the CID of the user (CID is this identification, it basically is “encode with the Base32 mechanism[hash with Tiger[nick name + hub address]]”), and yet the nick name for is the same in the various hubs, the hub addresses surely aren’t. This is terms mean that DC++ think “not same user, allow transfer”, and we have ourselves a simultanious downloads.
This new scheme meant (as you’ve noticed) that all users in the queue and the favorite users were gone. The reason is above. The users had no CID, meaning DC++ thought “no CID, I have no idea who these people are, better get rid of them”. Now, there could have beeen some form of “conversion” for the favorite users, considering DC++ does store the hub name for the users, but it does not (as far as I know, I haven’t checked) for the queue. (I am not going to do a patch or any tool. Forget about it.)
What do you think? Was the old scheme better or is the new one? (Ignoring the upgrading problems.)
I’m hesitant to answer that question myself.

Pop quiz: Downloading in ADC

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

The second pop quiz is as follows;
‘Jake’ using an unmodified version of DC++ 0.691. He’s connected to 2 (two) ADC hubs with the nicks “jake99″ and “mary77″. He’s looking for the file A. He find user “foobar” in one of the hubs who have the files he’s looking for. This user is also using an unmodified version of DC++ 0.691. He start to download the file, going in 20 KiB/s and everything’s fine. But, he start to think, “what will happen if the user goes offline? better I auto search for it to check if there’s more sources”. And he does, and find user “john111″. Jake adds the user to list of sources (through the right click command menu).

Interesting in things as Jake is, he want to see what other goodies “john111″ has in his share. Jake tries to get the file list. Nothing. Nothing happens. He checks the queue, DC++ has properly queued the file list, but isn’t connecting. Nothing appear in the transfer view. The transfer view columns are fine, Jake can see that he has two downloads going (one of them the file A) and three uploads.

 But there’s no error message in the queue or the transfer view window. He deletes the file list from the queue, and tries again to download it. Same thing. Now, why can’t Jake download the file list? “john111″ isn’t blocking uploads by the looks of it in the search window (Jake can see that “john111″ has 5 slots open out of 7). Jake and “john111″ is both connected with Active mode.

The two hubs are both resident on the same university campus, where a lot of people connect from. Meaning, a lot of people have the same external IP. (Jake find out that “john111″ has the same IP as “foobar” and one of Jake’s uploads, and he draws the conclusion that those three are all living on the same campus.)

Jake asks his friend in the other room to try to download “john111″’s file list (and other files), and it works fine. It also works for other users in the same hub. Jake asks “john111″ to change his nickname to “john112″. No change in connectivity. “john112″ tell Jake to try and search for file B and try to download it. Same thing happens with file B. File B is now queued, but there’s no connectivity and no error message.

So; why can’t Jake download the file list or any other file? (File A has been downloading the entire time, now at 34 %.)

a) Jake is using different user names.
b) there’s a bug in Jake’s copy of DC++.
c) “john112″ and everyone else is lying, at Jake’s expense.
d) none of the above… (fill in what the reason is)

It would be neat if you have an explanation why you chose that particular option, but you don’t have to; I’ll explain later which option/answer is correct, and why.

Pop quiz: Downloading in NMDC hubs

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

To increase the interaction between the blog and our blog readers, I thought we could have a “pop quiz”. I’ll also be so kind to have multiple choices for you to pick from.

Today’s pop quiz;
You are using an unmodified version of DC++ 0.674. You are connected to 3 (three) NMDC hubs with no relation. (They aren’t connected through a “network” that is.) You are looking for the files A, B and C. You find user “foobar” in the three hubs (the same user accross hubs) who have all the files you’re looking for. This user is also using an unmodified version of DC++ 0.674. Now, the question is; How do you get the three files simultaniously from that user? Speed is not a matter, neither is active vs passive mode and there’s no hub restrictions or slot restrictions from “foobar”.
Do you
a) use the same user name in all hubs
b) use a different user name in all hubs
c) call two friends and asks them to download file B respectively file C while you download file A. You then walk over to their homes and burn the files on a CD.
d) completely ignores the question I asked and download the files in a row (that is, not simultaniously).
e) say I’m stupid because “foobar”’s copy of DC++ will use the IP to not allow you to download them simultaniously.
f) none of the above, you… (fill in what you do)

Now, the same question, but with the difference that you and “foobar” are both using DC++ 0.691.
It would be neat if you have an explanation why you chose that particular option, but you don’t have to; I’ll explain later which option/answer is correct, and why.

0.691 and Welcome

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

DC++ 0.691 is out, so please download and use it. It features a couple of feature contributions from Trem, author of fulDC, as well as some bug fixes. Only through your use and your reporting of bugs and crashes can DC++ be given enough testing to qualify as stable and replace 0.674.

Also, welcome to our blog. The content is graciously provided by Ullner. He will continue contribute to it, but will be joined by (perhaps) BSOD2600, TheParanoidOne, and myself.

0.69 is out!

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

0.69 is out! I urge people to upgrade. The version contain three security fixes, two of which I know have been exploited in the wild.

Installer, .zip and source.

Notice; * Removed support for generating NMDC-style file lists (old clients won’t be able to download from you)
This means that people that are using 0.306 and earlier versions will not be able to download from you and you will not be able to download from them. Convince them to upgrade their version if you come across someone using those versions.

The ‘Added option for masked password prompt’ that I added, will not actually mask the password when you send over the network. Atleast not in NMDC hubs. That is, it’s perfectly visible if someone else is using eg Ethereal. On ADC is this not possible because of the nature of ADC. In ADC, data is sent from the hub to the user, the user then uses the Tiger algorithm to encode the CID (of the user), followed by the password and then the data. And until the Tiger algorithm is broken, it is not possible to reverse engineer the password.

TTH of versions

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Since 0.402, the TTH of the executable was added to crash reports and the About dialog. This TTH is the hash that was created when arnetheduck compiled that version and released it. Unless the Tiger algorithm is broken, you won’t be able to reproduce that exact TTH. You’re thinking now, “of course I can… I just download the source for that version and compile”, but that won’t work because the TTH is also created based on time and Visual Studio settings.

Anyway… Here is a list of all the TTHs for released versions of DC++;


All versions

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

While there are only currently two versions on the download page for DC++, all of the versions are available for you here [].

I suggest you to try out the first version. It’s neat. :) You could always compare the versions and see how much work that has been put in through the years (it’s a LOT).


Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

DC++ 0.689 is now out! Only bug fixes, and the much talked about 100% CPU bug is included there.

Installer, source and zip.

0.688 is now out!

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

0.688 is now out! Installer, zip and source.